March 2018

“A Biblical Priority” – Matthew 6:33

February 2018

“Losing my Religion” – James 1

  Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you had simply lost your religion. You might be surprised, but the Apostle James has something to say about that.    

“Fighting with the Devil” – I Peter 5:8

None of us would ever step into the ring with the heavy weight champion of the world, and if we were forced to fight, we would want to know all we could about the one we were fighting. Do you realize that ALL of us are forced in to a fight each and every day. […]

January 2018

“The Kiss of Betrayal” – Matthew 26

We all know about the betrayal of Judas…but are we aware that he was not the only one to ever betray the Savior? 

“Erasing Egotism” – Matthew 6

“Making the Right Resolution This Year” – I Cor 6:12

December 2017


Two common words that can mean so much together……

August 2017

How to prepare our hearts for Revival – Psalm 105

June 2017

“Little Is Much When God Is In It” – John 6

  Have you ever considered that the devil often has a very unique way of making us question…..”nearly everything”! And that applies especially to those of us who have a genuine desire to be used of God. It is at that moment…… when we realize that God has us here for a reason…..He has us […]